Telco Leaders Discuss the Benefits and Challenges of Digital Transformation – Part Two

For telcos, the days of acquiring and then selling spectrum are almost over, with major growth opportunity shifting to adjacent businesses and the services telcos can sell on top of their core infrastructure.
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The Era of the Open Telco is Coming. How Should CSPs Prepare?
June 7, 2023
Is it time for telcos to let go of their ‘proprietary’ mindsets and embrace a new era of openness? At the FutureNet MENA 2023 conference in Dubai, Netcracker's Head of Strategy and Portfolio Marketing Sue White joined a panel to discuss this vital question.
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Artificial Intelligence for Telcos? Experts Discuss Applications, Impact and Possible Barriers
May 31, 2023
Thanks to ChatGPT, the hype around Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gone through the roof. So how should the telco sector think about the technology? Is it all about customer experience? Or should CSPs apply AI to networks and infrastructure first? Netcracker's Head of Strategy & Portfolio Marketing Sue White joined a TM Forum debate on the topic.
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On Video: Zain KSA on its Rapid Rollout of 'Transformative' 5G
May 25, 2023
Maha Ibrahim AlQernas, VP of Business and Fulfillment at Zain KSA, discusses the company's 5G rollout and partnership with Netcracker.
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CSPs at the Crossroads: Should Telcos Drive Towards ‘More Connectivity Value’ or Accelerate Into ' New Value’?
May 17, 2023
What’s the best way to become a future-proofed telco? There are no easy or obvious answers, but plenty of opinions. At TM Forum's Digital Transformation World Asia event, Netcracker's Head of Strategy and Portfolio Marketing, Sue White, joined a panel offering insights into the topic.
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CSPs Can Play a Central Role in the $5 Trillion Metaverse Economy. But Will They?
April 21, 2023
Experts believe immersive digital worlds will form the next iteration of the internet. Can telcos help shape this new metaverse era – or will they merely be the 'pipes' that transport the data?
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