June 3, 2020

Delivering an Exceptional Digital Lifestyle in the 5G Era

Service providers need a modernized BSS and OSS, along with a new delivery approach, to innovate in the digital economy.

With the emergence of 5G, increased power at the edge and partner-enabled ecosystems opening the possibilities for a wealth of diverse services delivered across multiple channels, CSPs that can innovate and adopt new business models quickly will be able to deliver a differentiated, digital experience to their customers.

In order to enable this new digital lifestyle, service providers need to invest in BSS and OSS that can keep up with the demands of the vast array of services that will be enabled by 5G networks, edge applications and cloud platforms. Cloud-native solutions designed for the 5G era will offer a wealth of customization for individual needs, enabling an AI-driven, digital-first, omnichannel customer experience. Combined with continuous updates through Agile/DevOps processes, this ensures providers can deliver newer, more personalized services to market so they can better adapt to customer needs.

This is crucial as customers become the main priority. Market differentiation will come in the form of service exceptionalism, and those who can transform the way they engage with customers will be the ones to seize new market share. AI-driven contextual interactions will allow service providers to go beyond basic problem solving with customers and deliver relevant new services that combine their own services with those of partners.

Netcracker 2020 creates the foundation to support for new business models, hyper automation and a secure multicloud environment that puts service providers at the center of the digital economy.

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