June 18, 2020

Delivering the Right Tools for the Digital Transformation Journey

CSPs embracing 5G technologies and services will need to be flexible and agile in their operations to keep up with the demands of the consumer market.

CSPs are undergoing lengthy digital transformations to better monetize 5G and deliver superior experiences to their customers and partners, according to a recent report by GlobalData. 5G needs seamless network slicing, partner ecosystem integration and support for new revenue models. In addition, software assets need to be automated and continually improved upon once implemented. This falls in line with the growing emphasis of flexibility and agility within business systems and processes so CSPs can actively evolve with changing markets.

The enhanced Netcracker 2020 portfolio allows CSPs to address the most urgent priorities, including helping them push into new vertical markets while offering expanded orchestration capabilities to be able to bring full automation to next-generation environments on public and private clouds. All of this is secured by an enhanced framework of security so operators can offer safety and assurance to consumer and partner data and compliance with regulatory organizations.

Netcracker also offers professional and managed services that utilize Agile/DevOps methodologies, diverse cloud adoption policies and a wealth of out-of-the-box capabilities for CSPs to receive the most up-to-date software improvements quickly, without disrupting their day-to-day operations.

To learn more about Netcracker 2020, download your copy of the GlobalData report.


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