June 23, 2020

Gamifying the User Experience With a Dynamic Partner Ecosystem

CSPs need to rethink their engagement model to become more central to their customers’ digital lifestyle.

Transforming the customer experience in the consumer market has been a strategic goal for many CSPs. While much progress has been made to introduce digital channels and personalize interactions, the focus is still on problem solving rather than proactively introducing new services and experiences.

Introducing new services has proven difficult as consumers are used to interacting directly with many companies to access the mobile apps and services they care about. Their relationship with CSPs is typically limited to mobile data subscriptions, which means CSPs have insufficient knowledge about their customers to offer relevant new services.  

To play a much more central role in their customers’ digital lifestyle, CSPs need to rethink their engagement model in the following ways:

Adapt to Monetize Partner Services

CSPs can dynamically expand their service offerings with partner B2C services and reach beyond their current customer base. Using analytics and AI, CSPs can identify the partner apps and services their customers care about and combine them with their own offers into a single marketplace. Rapid and simple on-boarding of partner digital services together with the management of complex partner relationships and B2B2X business models will be critical to adapt quickly to continuously changing consumer needs.

Gamify the Customer Experience

Loyalty schemes can help to incentivize customers, but when combined with gamification, they can create a truly ground-breaking experience. By opting in, customers can earn loyalty points using partner apps, and the gamification aspect will incite customers to unlock premium services, discounts and improve their loyalty. CSPs will need to merge multipartner gamification with their core BSS functions and correlate events to achievements in real time across multiple gaming programs.

Redefine Customer Engagement

The more consumers that interact with the platform, the more behavioral data can be aggregated. CSPs can use this data, together with AI/ML models, to offer the right services and partner suggestions to the consumer at the right time, creating an excitement for the customer to engage further with the platform. AI-driven customer journey management can trigger real-time, personalized promotions that continuously move from one outcome to the next.  

With the recently launched Netcracker 2020, service providers can transform their engagement model to become more central to their customer’s digital experience. With Digital BSS and Customer Engagement products, CSPs will gain new capabilities needed to dynamically work with many types of partners, radically change the customer experience through gamification and use AI/ML to create a new engagement model.

The monetization opportunities are significant for both CSPs and partners. From direct service offers, partner data sharing, in-service offers and promotions to new customers acquired through partner promotions, Netcracker 2020 can help CSPs define their place in the new digital ecosystem.


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