March 29, 2018

How to Launch an Expansive Digital Service Portfolio

A unified offering catalog comprised of traditional, virtual and digital services enables one-stop shopping, helping to attract more customers.

Service providers are generating less than half of industry profits from the booming communications industry. To combat this, service providers need to transform into digital service providers and maintain a strong customer base. In our e-book “Winning Customers in the Digital Economy,” we discuss how creating a digital services portfolio can enable a successful digital transformation.

A successful digital portfolio should encompass all services: traditional, digital and virtual. By having them all in a central location, service providers can become a one-stop shop for mass market and business services. And by taking a mobile first approach, service providers allow customers to shop through various digital channels, including mobile devices, tablets and computers.

When creating a digital portfolio, there are two essential components to ensure success.

1. Partner Ecosystem Enablement

The emergence of digital technologies has resulted in myriad new services. Service providers can leverage these new services to their advantage by efficiently onboarding partners and selling their own offerings, their partner’s offerings and jointly developed services. Partner programs should go beyond onboarding, helping service providers build a go-to-market plan for new services, making them more efficient than ones that only enable onboarding.

2. New Offer Management

Service providers must be able to properly manage new offerings by using a digital portfolio that supports multiple partners. Properly managing these offerings involves configuring and bundling offers and promotions and owning the product lifecycle from start to finish.

Continue reading our e-book to learn more about how creating a digital portfolio can help attract or retain customers in the digital economy.


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