October 10, 2017

NEC/Netcracker NaaS Use Case: Monetize New Enterprise Services With SD-WAN

NEC/Netcracker and Versa Networks collaborate to enable seamless scaling across physical and virtualized environments.

Service providers now have access to a comprehensive solution based on NEC/Netcracker NaaS which incorporates pre-integrated VNFs and SD-WAN components from Versa Networks. The newly developed solution gives service providers a cost-effective and seamless method to scale SD-WAN services, helping to accommodate traffic spikes and offer on-demand cloud applications from a digital marketplace at a reduced cost.

A critical challenge facing service providers today revolves around their traditional MPLS services, which are costly to manage and incapable of meeting the growing demand for increased connectivity across enterprise branches. An SD-WAN service enables service providers to augment MPLS offerings and ensure enterprise-level reliability, security and performance.

The solution from NEC/Netcracker and Versa Networks gives service providers a highly efficient operations environment that can scale across physical and virtualized networks. This enables them to quickly resolve any issues and accommodate growing traffic and enterprise customer needs.

Check out our use case for the solution to learn how it can help you monetize new enterprise offerings.


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