July 8, 2020

Securing Next-Generation Networks Requires Shared Responsibility

CSPs and their trusted partners must come together to protect sensitive network and customer data.

The telecommunications industry is not immune from the security breaches that make the news on a regular basis. Multiple databases and repositories store sensitive customer and network data, and while that information is critical to operators for generating tailored services and crafting a better customer experience, it’s also highly coveted by more nefarious entities.

As 5G and other next-generation networks and services gain traction, this data will only become more vulnerable. Many CSPs are already moving core systems, like BSS, to the cloud, and while this frees them up to focus more on customers and less on day-to-day operations, this movement of data between clouds also opens them up to threats. In addition, the sheer amount of connected devices that will be enabled with 5G means the amount of potential touchpoints on a network that will need to be secured from hackers and malware will explode.

In addition to new technologies posing security challenges, the lack of qualified personnel, and an overall lack of visibility in networks, will put the stress on many operators.

To successfully manage security operations, CSPs will need to team up with a partner that can deliver a strong solution now and in the future. This will allow operators to keep focusing on customers, rather than on IT operations, while enabling them to better handle peak traffic spikes, consolidate systems, reduce CAPEX and OPEX spending and grow their lines of business and services.

With an enhanced security plan from Netcracker, operators can protect sensitive data across networks being managed by third-party vendors, regardless of where that data is being stored. Predicated on a model of shared responsibility, the plan aligns with industry security frameworks and standards, ensuring a sound security and IT architecture, a dedicated security organization, support for security protocols, a strong focus on personal data security and auditing and assurance mechanisms to provide the best possible security infrastructure.

Netcracker works closely with customers to ensure all forms of data are secure within the network. Netcracker Enhanced Security covers sensitive data as well as the software and services used to store and process said data in a multipronged approach that delivers peace of mind to consumers and operators.


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