April 24, 2020

The Right Business Continuity Plan for Uncertain Times

The business landscape has been forever changed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting a great need for continuity and resiliency in business operations.

How businesses approach work from home policies, remote operations, online interactions and the business itself has drastically shifted. Many companies are struggling to maintain stability in these trying times. The level of disruption wrought across all industries has put many gaps in the different areas of business in the spotlight, and new ways are needed to serve customers and operate businesses in order to ensure continuity now and in the event of future unplanned interruptions.

Maintaining Continuity

The ability to predict and recover from specific threats while keeping the business up and running is the key to succeeding even in the roughest patches. Every company should have some contingency when it comes to business continuity, as disasters can easily cut into revenue and introduce new costs that ultimately eat into profit. Investments in resiliency can give a competitive advantage, as well, while also protecting the main lines of business.

Safe, Secure Access

Businesses can safeguard employees working from home through virtual desktop interfaces, industry-grade network and end-point protection, security monitoring and secure data transfer. A second level of protection through advanced algorithms to anonymize data will further secure access by anyone from employees to third-party contractors and vendors. The ability to quickly onboard and train employees will also be crucial in empowering the workforce with full control and visibility over their remote operations.

Automated, Agile Operations

Even when shifted to remote locations, businesses employing development teams well-versed in BSS/OSS and Operations as well as Agile methodology, industry-leading CI/CD/CT tools and DevSecOps processes can keep their operations running smoothly. Zero-touch automation of specific processes will enable operators to keep up with new network constraints and pressures brought on by changing needs of the business and customers, thereby increasing the overall resiliency of the network.

Personalized, Optimized Channels

Businesses looking to keep in touch with their customer base during these times will need to go beyond promotion and sales and deliver full online care through greater personalization, more meaningful interactions and truly unique customer journeys through all available digital channels. Opening more consistent lines of communication, while also promoting engagement and collaboration, will push many businesses further into a mobile-first environment.

Netcracker remains committed to working with our customers to ensure their business stability and allow them to manage their operations securely, improve network agility and serve customers with cutting-edge services through digital channels.


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