October 9, 2017

What's the Best Approach to Commercialize SDN/NFV?

In a white paper with European Communications, Netcracker outlines its best practices for commercializing SDN/NFV at a faster pace.

While the promises of software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) are becoming more widely known, capitalizing on the technology's opportunities requires service providers to take a practical, planned approach. Failing to strategically organize these transformations may mean not experiencing the revenue and operational benefits of virtualization until further down the road.

Partnering with European Communications on a survey of more than 60 service providers, Netcracker identified their virtualization programs' goals, potential obstacles and anticipated timeframes.

The study found that despite properly aligned priorities and goals, service providers often face many practical and technological barriers that impede progress. However, by observing faster-than-average transformations, the report surmised eight best practices.

1. Approach SDN/NFV Programs Practically

Adopting SDN/NFV will inevitably bring about technological and organizational shifts which require alignment between IT and business priorities. It’s essential that the shift be examined and approached in a practical manner to avoid putting revenue streams at risk.

2. Establish a Strong Business Case

The study found that missing a strong business case was among the top challenges when implementing SDN/NFV. Service providers must ensure that business case objectives are clear, pragmatic and compelling.

3. Conduct an In-Depth Technology Review

Service providers must review their systems, processes and internal resource requirements, paying extra attention to problematic areas. One of the best ways to ensure a comprehensive review is to work closely with a trusted partner that has the expertise to overcome technology challenges.

4. Plan Routine Checkpoints

Taking the time to establish planned checkpoints and perform “health checks” along the way with a trusted partner is important. This will help to determine and evaluate the progress of the transformation.

To learn the other four best practices and get a clearer view on taking the best approach to virtualization, be sure to download a free copy of our Accelerating SDN/NFV Commercialization white paper.


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