Site Reliability Engineer - SRE Sao Paulo, Brazil
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Site Reliability Engineer - SRE

Sao Paulo, Brazil
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SRE Engineer

If digital transformation, next-generation technology, and growth opportunities excite you, then join our Netcracker Technology team!  Our culture and collaborative work environment are the keys to our success.  Here you will work with the best in class global teams, earn a competitive salary and contribute to the largest digital transformations around the world.

What’s in it for you?
At Netcracker, we are all entrepreneurs. This means we get creative when thinking of technical solutions, we explore possibilities and innovations and get excited about new technology.  We take complete ownership of our roles and aren’t micromanaged or left feeling like just another number. The results we achieve are highly visible to our leadership team and we are recognized for our work and promoted accordingly.  

Position Summary:

Our perfect fit, would be someone who have had real life Sys Admin (specially Linux) experience, you've done from installations to L2/L3 case resolutions, you know how important Capacity Planning is, and perhaps your own Workstation or Lab Computer is a Linux Box, you would've then transitioned to become a champion in DevOps and Kubernetes and feel passion to pursue working in IT by delivering support to Cloud platforms, on premise and hybrid models.

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Maintaining and operating CI/CD pipelines;
  • Troubleshooting OCP/OKD/K8s clusters and cloud-deployed applications;
  • Taking care of department’s management and monitoring facilities, participating in their development (enabling them to do more through committing golang, python, ansible and ruby code);
  • Working with project(s)’ team(s) to identify their needs and break down IT-related tasks.

 Experience & Requirements:

  • As mentioned, you have hands on Experience as a Sys Admin and CLI is your second language in Linux.
  • Knowledge of how to use base Linux CLI for troubleshooting system & user processes – you know how to address performance and look after system’s and application’s uptime always
  • Using contemporary common configuration/automation utilities such as ansible or having some knowledge of their purpose and mode of operation, we'll help you gain more
  • You are familiar with modern and legacy monitoring utilities like Zabbix, icinga, collectd, maybe even had setup an rsyslog server and in DevOps you may know some like Grafana and Prometheus.
  • You have more than basic understanding of Virtual Networks, Cloud-native applications and Platform as a Service setups
  • Basic usage or sparse understanding of how to use infrastructure management tools perhaps a few like: Openstack and Openstack CLI client to provision, manage and troubleshoot virtual machines and corresponding to infrastructure; any experience with any another virtual infrastructure management system will benefit your success in this position (e.g. GCP, AWS, VSphere, Citrix or Nutanix)
  • Fair skills to troubleshooting today’s network issues of IPv4, TCP, UDP and IPv4 routing and packet routing (i.e. determining hosts availability, investigating connectivity issues between Linux hosts, ideally the importance of DNS in dynamic Container Applications)
  • You know what K8s is and perhaps are curious about RedHat Openshift, but definitely you have shoot more than once kubectl commands to troubleshoot app issues and keep K8s healthy.
  • Since you already know K8s it is good to have experience with Docker daemon  maintenance, understanding Docker image conception and mode of Docker daemon operation

 Nice to Have:

  • Good knowledge of cloud services’ models (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, FaaS, fogging)
  • Experience of being user or/and administrator of a virtual infrastructure management system (Openstack, KVM, VMWare CLI or any other well-known infrastrucutres)
  • Understanding of contemporary methods of software product development
  • Experience of establishing or/and maintaining continuous integration or/and delivery (CI/CD) of a software solution, monitoring it and interpreting the metrics at least
  • Hands on Jenkins, Ansible, GIT, Jira and common DevOps tools is great to have.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or other Technical Engineering discipline or equivalent field experience, Certifications count but you need to have hands on experience.


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