TMF Conformance Assessment

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Information Framework (SID) Conformance
Business Process (eTOM) Conformance

Press Releases

"Service providers are demanding that their suppliers provide standards-based solutions so that they can reduce the cost of procurement as well as the total cost of system ownership. NetCracker’s adoption of Frameworx shows their commitment to providing comprehensive Conformance Certification Assessments of their TOMS product suite."
George Greenlee,
Senior Vice President
of Product Management,
TM Forum
"The TM Forum’s Conformance Mark illustrates commitment to interoperability, and provides reassurance to customers seeking standards-based, and therefore, cost-effective and flexible solutions. With TM Forum Frameworx becoming an increasingly prominent requirement of service providers for their operations and IT architecture, the ability to prove conformance to these standards will set suppliers apart from their competition."
Keith Willetts,
Chairman of TM Forum