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TM Forum Frameworx Conformance Assessment

In 2011, Release 8.2 of NetCracker’s Telecom Operations and Management Solutions Suite received TM Forum’s Frameworx 10 Product Conformance Mark. This recognition comes as a result of TM Forum’s rigorous Frameworx Product Conformance Assessment and underscores the continuous improvement that NetCracker has made to its product suite to ensure optimal efficiency and effectiveness as well as the greatest level of customer satisfaction.

Through a process of continuous improvement, NetCracker’s solutions suite has adopted TM Forum’s most accepted and applicable standards, including Business Process (eTOM), Information (SID), and Application (TAM) Frameworks, as well as OSS/J and Multi-Technology Operations Systems Interface (MTOSI), to help service providers overcome challenges on the way to optimized and efficient service delivery.

During the appraisal, NetCracker received the highest possible conformance scores and was determined to be fully compliant with TM Forum Frameworx requirements in the areas assessed. TM Forum’s Frameworx is a comprehensive suite of standards that enable a service provider’s business to run with maximum agility, simplicity, and efficiency. Frameworx provides the blueprint for effective operations, enabling service providers to assess and improve business performance by using a proven, service-oriented approach to operations and integration. The Frameworx Product and Solution Conformance Assessment enables suppliers and service providers to verify a product or solution’s conformance to the Frameworx Business Process and Information models. Through an independent and thorough analysis of a supplier’s self-assessment, TM Forum scores adherence to each model on a sliding scale and publishes a report detailing the product or solution’s level of conformance.

Achieving this score indicates NetCracker’s adherence to best practices while delivering next-generation solutions. Full product compliance with TM Forum Frameworx standards is an exceptionally strong differentiator that positions NetCracker as the vendor of choice for providing optimized, industry-endorsed solutions and advanced integration capabilities. Numerous NetCracker customers around the world have implemented NetCracker’s standards-based Telecom Operations and Management Solution Suite, enabling them to use innovative applications and capabilities to maximize their BSS/OSS investments while achieving quick ROI, rapid time-to-market, and higher customer satisfaction numbers.

To view details of NetCracker’s certification, click here: Conformance Certification NetCracker Telecom Operations and Management Solution Suite, Release 8.2.

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Information Framework (SID) Conformance

Business Process (eTOM) Conformance

“Service providers are demanding that their suppliers provide standards-based solutions so that they can reduce the cost of procurement as well as the total cost of system ownership. NetCracker’s adoption of Frameworx shows their commitment to providing comprehensive Conformance Certification Assessments of their TOMS product suite.”

George Greenlee,
Senior Vice President
of Product Management,
TM Forum

“The TM Forum’s Conformance Mark illustrates commitment to interoperability, and provides reassurance to customers seeking standards-based, and therefore, cost-effective and flexible solutions. With TM Forum Frameworx becoming an increasingly prominent requirement of service providers for their operations and IT architecture, the ability to prove conformance to these standards will set suppliers apart from their competition.”

Keith Willetts,
Chairman of TM Forum