Customer Information Management

NetCracker’s Customer Information Management gives Communications Service Providers a holistic view of their customers. It integrates with any customer care, billing, and service provisioning systems (including NetCracker Customer Management, Revenue Management, Product Management, and Service Fulfillment & Assurance) to accumulate multi-faceted information (both historical and present-day) about end-user personal, behavioral, buying, and spending details. It also provides a better understanding of relationships and policies within customer hierarchies.

Customer Information Management includes the following components:
  • Account Information Management: provides comprehensive end-user data integration for a single, detailed customer view
  • Customer Account History: provides user-friendly storage capabilities for keeping track of customer experience records
  • Personalization: provides tools for improving customer experience and increasing ARPU through end-user management customization
  • Customer Product Inventory: provides easy-to-access and easy-to-navigate information about all existing customer products and services in use
Key benefits include:
  • Improved end-user relationships and maximized value through personalized offerings and a better understanding of customer needs and preferences
  • Improved up-sell and cross-sell revenue through detailed, multi-faceted views of customers and their relationships
  • Ability to target customer service and improve customer experience through extensive personalization capabilities
  • Ability for sales personnel to easily access and navigate customer details for a better interaction experience
  • Ensured security of customer information through reinforced compliance with privacy and regulatory policies
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Customer Information Management

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"There are a few critical aspects that underpin NetCracker's OM [Order Management] solution. First is the centralized, unified, meta-data-driven informational storage covering all data needed for OM – from customer, product and marketing data, to services, resources, suppliers and workforce – all flexibly connected together, providing and end-to-end view. Second, a catalog-driven order entry/order management functionality using purpose-built, service provider-oriented OM engine covering processes from sales OM, service fulfillment and supply chain/B2B OM, enabling mobile or a fixed operator to have as much or as little automation as needed. NetCracker's solution is built on J2EE and SOA middleware platforms with open published standards-based APIs and provides full support for advanced analytics."
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