Customer Order Management

NetCracker’s Customer Order Management facilitates the tracking and management of numerous customer orders in multi-service, multi-vendor environments, provides customer service representatives (CSRs) with tools for effective customer interactions, and offers intelligent guidance for the assembly of targeted bundles. Enabling quick access to customer and product information as well as effective navigation within that information, it provides tips for cross-sell/up-sell recommendations, allows the average order size to be increased, produces higher ARPU, and improves the customer experience.

Our Customer Order Management functionality perfectly meets the needs of both retail and wholesale Communications Service Providers.

Customer Order Management includes the following components:
  • Order Entry: provides a comprehensive view of customer and product information on a single screen and facilitates order entry and order tracking via one of several user interfaces (e.g. CSR workstations, remote points of sale, self-service portals)
  • Order Management: automates customer order decomposition, processing, and orchestration. It allows validated orders to be parsed, decomposed, and then mapped to underlying services and resources, and thus initiates the fulfillment process.
  • Monitoring & Control: provides supervision of the customer order management process and enables performance measurement, statistical analysis, and problem detection. It allows operational efficiency to be improved as well as proactive handling of potential issues.
Key benefits include:
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty through personalized product offerings and order transparency
  • Increased ARPU through intelligent tools for targeted order assembly and auto-suggestion capabilities
  • Accelerated time-to-market through improved accuracy and reduced order processing time
  • Minimized jeopardy and order fallout through pre-integration with Service Order Management and Service Activation

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Customer Order Management

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"There are a few critical aspects that underpin NetCracker's OM [Order Management] solution. First is the centralized, unified, meta-data-driven informational storage covering all data needed for OM – from customer, product and marketing data, to services, resources, suppliers and workforce – all flexibly connected together, providing and end-to-end view. Second, a catalog-driven order entry/order management functionality using purpose-built, service provider-oriented OM engine covering processes from sales OM, service fulfillment and supply chain/B2B OM, enabling mobile or a fixed operator to have as much or as little automation as needed. NetCracker's solution is built on J2EE and SOA middleware platforms with open published standards-based APIs and provides full support for advanced analytics."
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"NetCracker’s domain and technology expertise, their process-based rapid development environment, and their ability to deliver as committed have enabled us to meet our evolving — and evermore demanding — customer needs."