Customer SLA/QoS Management

NetCracker’s Customer SLA/QoS Management provides unified service quality reporting capabilities for Communications Service Providers’ (CSPs’) customer-facing teams and customer self-service portals. As an integral part of customer service quality management, it binds together information on service and resource performance and customer commitments. Part of NetCracker’s Customer Management offering, Customer SLA/QoS Management helps CSPs effectively manage customer experience through various customer retention and loyalty tools, such as customer credit tracking and management.

NetCracker’s Customer SLA/QoS Management includes the following components:
  • SLA Catalog: stores SLA specifications, templates, and design tools and facilitates the creation of product-specific contract templates based on available key quality indicators (KQIs)
  • SLA Inventory: stores existing customer SLA contracts and helps streamline multiple customer quality/experience management processes across CSP BSS/OSS environments
  • Credit Tracking & Management: provides analysis of customer service usage preferences and helps CSPs identify and calculate credits as a compensation for SLA violations
  • Reporting & Notifications: provides analysis of information extracted from NetCracker’s Service Quality Management and helps CSPs identify SLA breaches and their connections with specific customer accounts
Key benefits include:
  • Improved customer experience and reduced churn
  • Ability to monitor and manage service quality and its compliance with SLA conditions
  • Personalized SLAs based on specific customer preferences and needs
  • Ability to develop and implement customer retention programs
  • Ability to calculate compensation for SLA violations to best meet customers’ service usage preferences

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Customer SLA/QoS Management

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