Performance Management

NetCracker’s Performance Management provides Communications Service Providers (CSPs) with a consolidated network performance reporting mechanism and allows them to monitor, control, and manage the end-to-end performance of multi-service, multi-vendor networks in a centralized way.

Performance Management pre-integrates with NetCracker’s Service Quality Management — part of the Service Fulfillment & Assurance solution — and provides strong mathematical analysis and forecasting capabilities, which allows pre-emptive measures to be taken if network capacity thresholds are violated and performance degradation is detected.

Performance Management includes the following components:
  • Retrieval & Mediation: enables the collection of performance data from multiple networks and sources as well as the transformation of disparate external data into a single, unified format. It supports multiple north- and southbound interfaces for facilitated, synchronized, and centralized information gathering.
  • Analysis & Control: initiates the monitoring of network data statistics and provides analysis of performance indicators. It allows rule-based scheduling of network data monitoring activities, and provides a unified view of the performance data after it has been collected, transformed, and mediated.
  • Reporting Engine: provides user-friendly representations of network fault data (including shortages, fallouts, exceeded thresholds) and creates ad hoc reports on network statistics. It contains out-of-the-box templates and also allows custom configuration of network malfunction reports to enable a better, requirements based view of network issues.
Key benefits include:
  • OpEx reduction through centralized data mediation and analysis
  • Ensured quality and availability of service through preemptive network degradation management
  • Cost-effective delivery of next-generation services through network capacity optimization
  • Faster time to market for new services through consolidated management of multi-vendor, multi-service networks
  • Churn reduction and cost minimization through proactive detection and management of SLA violations
  • CapEx optimization through network utilization assessment