Media Optimization

To help Communication Service Providers (CSPs) meet the challenges of the growing market and embrace new opportunities created by increased traffic consumption, NetCracker offers Media Optimization designed to streamline data transmission volume and quality through adaptation to current network conditions.

NetCracker Media Optimization controls traffic surges while enhancing the end user’s quality of experience and leveraging traffic visualization and analysis for marketing purposes. Ultimately, its powerful capabilities enable CSPs to maximize ROI for network infrastructure, improve customer satisfaction, and exploit new revenue sources.

On the one hand, Media Optimization reduces data transmission through a variety of approaches such as video pacing for network-aware just-in-time delivery, transrating/transcoding, adaptive bitrate optimization such as HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) video, video/web cashing, as well as image/text compression. 
On the other hand, Media Optimization offers the combination of Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) optimization and video pacing capabilities in order to help service providers adopting pay-as-you-go tariff plans improve the quality of user experience while maintaining traffic volumes. 

NetCracker Media Optimization includes the following components:
  • Media Compression – reduces traffic volume by selecting a specific optimization method for different media types.
  • QoE Maximization – enables CSPs to effectively manage data flow by preventing throughput degradation and selectively optimize traffic in congested cells based on customer SLAs.
  • Traffic Analysis – allows to dynamically apply the most appropriate optimization method and leverage analytical data for capacity planning, operational support, and marketing strategies.
Key benefits include:
  • Reduced network traffic through customized data delivery to end-user devices, resulting in optimized ROI and decreased CapEx
  • Improved network resource availability through the optimization of bandwidth usage with pacing technology
  • Minimized investments in network equipment as a result of the accurate management of available bandwidth 
  • Enhanced customer experience and loyalty through guaranteed quality of service
  • Improved bottom line results through enforced competitiveness and brand reputation
  • Improved capacity and marketing planning through service usage analysis and visualization
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