Policy Enforcement

NetCracker’s Policy Enforcement provides a high-performance, high-availability, carrier-grade platform with cost-effective linear scalability that acts as a centralized point for traffic identification, network congestion management, mitigation of malicious traffic, and policy enforcement.

Pre-integrated with NetCracker’s Policy Management, the offering helps Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to execute policy control and enforcement in a centralized way. In addition, Policy Enforcement also allows CSPs to make policy decisions locally, without needing to interact with other decision-making systems unless additional information is required.

Policy Enforcement includes the following functional capabilities:
  • Accurate network usage management by subscriber, application, time, location, access network, device type, realm, etc.
  • DPI-based Network Policy Control
  • Multi-access technology support (2-4G, WiMAX, xDSL, FTTx, DOCSIS)
  • Full compliance with 3GPP, support of other protocols, such as RADIUS, SNMP, etc.
Key benefits include:
  • Minimized risk of network congestion or failure in the network through the use of comprehensive bandwidth management techniques
  • Reduced network OpEx and CapEx through optimization of network capacity utilization
  • Ensured service quality through rule-based network capacity management and resource (re)allocation
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