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Media Optimization

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Based on a precise analysis of device and network conditions, Media Optimization enables Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to deliver content at rates that are optimized for network congestion levels and the media capabilities of a userís device.

Media Optimization uses technologies that estimate network bandwidth variation. Therefore, it allows CSPs to accurately estimate data volumes and optimize the pace of video transmission in order to deliver content smoothly. Furthermore, prior to transmitting data, the Media Optimization capability determines the memory capacity and processing performance of each terminal. This information is then used to control the rate of data flow to each terminal, and thus provides a stable viewing environment even for streaming video.

Deployed in an operatorís core network, Media Optimization reduces transmission data while maintaining high service quality by selecting a specific optimization method for different media types, including:

  • Video traffic optimization that uses video pacing technology
  • Picture traffic optimization that chooses an appropriate image compression format and resolution
  • Text traffic optimization through text compression
Media Optimization includes the following functional capabilities:
  • Dynamic optimization of data transmission volumes through the estimation of network bandwidth
  • Prevention of playback interruption
  • Text compression and static image optimization, which is designed to best suit specific mobile device capabilities and wireless environments
Key benefits include:
  • Reduced network traffic through the customization of data delivery to end-user devices, which results in optimized ROI and decreased CapEx
  • Increased network resource availability through the optimization of bandwidth usage with pacing technology
  • Improved customer experience and enhanced loyalty through guaranteed quality of service

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Media Optimization