Analytics & Decisioning

NetCracker’s Analytics & Decisioning capability ensures consistent customer experience across all touch points through centralized business policies and rules management as well as proactive, automated, real-time service, sales, and retention actions. Analytics & Decisioning also includes customer segmentation and profiles and provides campaign recommendations as well as what-if analysis of post-campaign execution to enable targeted offerings and maximize the value of each customer interaction.

In addition, Analytics & Decisioning provides rich capabilities for advertising intelligence, intelligent customer care and loyalty management, personalized self-service, and proactive, multichannel customer interaction.

Analytics & Decisioning includes the following components:
  • Policy Manager: provides easy-to-navigate guidelines and recommendations based on business data and marketing policies
  • Real-Time Platform: includes policy engine, in-memory database, and self-learning recommendation engine to collect real-time events and customer data and continually improve overall customer experience
  • Sensors: capture defined customer events or events impacting customers, and enriches the policy engine with accurate data
  • Actuators: enforce each policy by executing rule-based actions that can be simultaneously carried out across multiple channels
Key benefits include:
  • Improved customer experience and, as a result, customer loyalty through highly personalized interactions across all channels
  • Increased revenue through effective use of cross-sell and up-sell opportunities based on real-time targeting
  • Minimized cost to serve through seamless pre-integration and synchronization with existing customer care, marketing, and service delivery applications
  • Decreased CapEx through unparalleled scalability and flexibility to meet any business requirement
  • Reduced time-to-market to drive immediate business results through on-the-fly policy changes and prompt response to rapidly changing market demands

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Analytics & Decisioning

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"Stratecast believes NetCracker understands the importance of "customer" to the centralized way in which business must now be conducted. The company is rapidly moving this way through its "4C's" approach to business—connectivity, convergence, content and customer."
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