Product Information Management

NetCracker’s Product Information Management gives Communications Service Providers (CSPs) a holistic view of and unhindered access to up-to-date product information — integrated and centralized in a single access point. NetCracker’s Product Catalog — the core component of Product Information Management — provides correlation between product and service definitions stored in the Service Catalog (part of NetCracker Service Information Management) and thus allows for quicker and failure-proof service provisioning. Product Information Management also ensures comprehensive product data access management with role-based authorization and operation capabilities.

Product Information Management includes the following components:
  • Product Catalog: serves as a single access point to product information for all CSP departments, partner users, and customers, and allows product details to be filtered, grouped, and presented  in a user-friendly way
  • Information Management: provides a centralized, hierarchical repository of up-to-date business and technical definitions of all CSP and partner products in a logical and user-friendly way and allows for timely information updates
  • Policy Management: allows product data usage to be controlled in multi-vendor, multi-user environments. It supports hierarchical data access rules and enables user-dependent product data details.
Key benefits include:
  • Single view of and single access to up-to-date, multi-vendor product information
  • Improved customer experience through product data visibility, consistency, and reliability
  • Streamlined revenues and partner relations through faster time to market
  • Reduced OpEx through elimination of data and effort duplication and product data centralization
  • Enhanced product data security through intelligent, role-based data presentation management
  • Streamlined service provisioning and activation through the pre-integration of Product Information Management and Service Information Management