Product Lifecycle Management

NetCracker’s Product Lifecycle Management enables Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to collaboratively develop a comprehensive roadmap of product creations, modifications, and upgrades, and execute timely product retirements and/or replacements.

Product Lifecycle Management is pre-integrated with Product Information Management so CSPs can analyze current product functionality, improve product quality, optimize product capabilities, and quickly identify potential sales opportunities and revenue contributions.

Product Lifecycle Management includes the following components:
  • Product Targeting: provides capabilities for initial product strategy planning, formulating competitive differentiation, defining target audience and geographies for new products, and product positioning in relation to market and sales objectives (e.g., for mass market, business, or government customers)
  • Product Lifecycle Support: enables end-to-end product lifecycle management, from the development of marketing concept and product configuration, to product testing, test launch, and subsequent mass production. It also fully supports product versioning, upgrades, grandfathering, and retirement.
  • Product Monitoring: provides comprehensive tools for tracking and analyzing product development statuses (and, if necessary, multigroup notifications and escalations), as well as monitoring and analyzing product performance and profitability
Key benefits include:
  • Reduced time to market for new products and services
  • Ability to increase customer value and rapidly deliver competitive offerings
  • Ability to cost effectively implement product strategies
  • Optimized time and effort for product development through collaborative product lifecycle management
  • Ensured competitive readiness by addressing rapid market (landscape) and customer (lifestyle) changes