Resource Management

For Communications Service Providers (CSPs), the network is one of their most important assets. Having deployed the network to provide connectivity and access, CSPs seek to monetize this asset by layering services over it. Over the years, networks have grown and become more complex and intelligent. Despite their increased sophistication, however, they still cannot create, deliver, and manage services by themselves. Network expansion and the introduction of new services require network planning and design skills. A detailed understanding of the network, its configuration, its topology, and the relationships between different layers and components is necessary.

A service provider's other biggest asset is a skilled workforce. The optimum use of this workforce is becoming critical as mobile operators migrate to 3G networks and wireline operators become converged services providers. Workforce management plays a central role during new network deployments, but it is also fundamental to ongoing operations. As service providers struggle to handle large numbers of dispatchers and field engineers, avoid operational delays, and prevent churn by improving the customer experience, the need for workforce management solutions has never been more urgent.

NetCracker Resource Management

NetCracker brings its strong experience in network inventory, outside plant, network design and planning, mobile rollout, as well as work order and workforce management to its Resource Management suite that leverages more than 15 years of experience in the successful delivery of OSS products and solutions.

As a part of the NetCracker TOMS Suite, NetCracker Resource Management optimizes implementation time and costs through pre-integration with IT Service Platforms, as well as with Customer Management, Service Management, and Network Management.

Capabilities Overview

Network Planning & Design

  • Resource Usage Analysis
  • Utilization Trending and Demand Forecasting
  • Collaborative Planned Configuration Management
  • Automated Design Assistance and What-if Scenarios

Resource Activation

  • Vendor-neutral view of the equipment
  • Models of technology- and vendor-specific devices
  • Rules for resource utilization
  • Template library with definitions of equipment components
  • Network adapters

Configuration Management

  • Element Configuration Database
  • Firmware Management (upgrade/downgrade)
  • Configuration Backup and Restoration
  • Configuration Change Planning and Validation
  • Configuration Update Scheduling
  • Bulk Configuration Update Management

Resource Inventory

  • Equipment Library
  • Resource Specifications, Dependencies, and Constraints
  • Capacity Management
  • Resource Usage Tracking and Analysis
  • Resource Availability, Allocation, and Assignment Management
  • Spares and Warehouse Management

Discovery & Reconciliation

  • Discovery Framework and Adapters
  • Data Mapping and Conversion Framework
  • Reconciliation Framework
  • Discrepancy Analysis and Resolution
  • Technology-Specific Reconciliation Rules
  • Vendor-Specific Reconciliation Adapter

Outside Plant

  • Outside Plant Inventory
  • GIS Systems Integration
  • Outside Plant Visualization
  • A comprehensive end-to-end view of network infrastructure status greatly improves the efficiency of the fulfillment and assurance processes, and ultimately improves customer satisfaction.
  • A flexible, unified metadata-based approach of reusable resource specifications and template components enables the quick creation and delivery of new network technologies and equipment, and thereby provides an important competitive advantage.
  • The visualization of network infrastructure and relationships between different components speeds up resource provisioning, planning & design, and assurance processes.
  • The use of standards-based data models, processes, and integration interfaces (SID, OSS/J. MTOSI, CMDB, NGOSS) cuts integration and migration costs dramatically.
  • Highly automated, end-to-end processes and operations allow for minimal manual work, low re-work, and higher productivity with lower OpEx.

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Resource Management

Press Releases

"NetCracker’s superior architecture and ability to integrate easily with other systems will allow Videotron to track accurately the deployment of our state-of-the-art network. The breadth and depth of NetCracker’s solution and technical expertise — and their proven track record in supporting advanced technologies — will allow us to deploy services and networks faster, with reduced cost and increased customer satisfaction."