Discovery & Reconciliation

NetCracker’s Discovery & Reconciliation improves data integrity by interfacing with different data sources, including network management systems and back-office databases. It compares collected data with data stored across all NetCracker modules and generates intelligent reports if any discrepancies are detected. It then reconciles the two sets of data, and, if necessary, automatically updates relevant information or issues a change notification for manual reconciliation.

Discovery & Reconciliation enables data to be reconciled in different business scenarios. For example, it enables point discovery as part of fulfillment to validate the availability of assigned inventory resources; or it helps to compare as-built and as-designed network views as part of a Design & Planning solution.

Discovery & Reconciliation includes the following components:
  • Mediation Dataflow: facilitates data extraction from external systems through extraction adapters
  • Transformation Engine: transforms data from Source Database (SDB) to Intermediate Database (IDB)
  • Validation Engine: provides tools to validate, verify, and correct data at all D&R stages
  • Reconciliation Engine: compares IDB data with OSS data using logic defined through the intuitive GUI
Key benefits include:
  • Facilitated data integrity management through reusable, GUI-enabled configuration of integrations with external systems
  • Support for multi-service, multi-vendor, multi-technology environments through continuous, proactive reconciliation of physical and logical resources with OSS data across all layers
  • Streamlined data transformation through flexible rules that allow any data from any source to be mapped to NetCracker
  • Proactive data discrepancy management through the configuration of intelligent reconciliation patterns