Outside Plant

NetCracker’s Outside Plant provides a centralized and dynamic repository of all OSP assets. All connectivity and topology information is stored in this repository, including logical OSP inventory associated with customers and circuit information. NetCracker also provides centralized document management for records and attachments. This information is easily accessible via the 100% web-based user interface.

The NetCracker system is pre-integrated with leading GIS tools through standard APIs provided, for example, by ESRI and MapInfo products. When coupled with GIS, NetCracker’s Outside Plant binds OSP resources to coordinates of GIS map objects and generates consistent geospatial views without requiring hours of manual, drag-and-drop operations.

Outside Plant includes the following components:
  • Resource Models: allow multiple items to be aggregated into high-level logical items and also enable object information to be stored and tracked
  • GIS Integration: enables integration with external GIS systems and allows service and network infrastructure to be mapped to GIS objects
  • OSP Reports: provide comprehensive information for capacity management, assurance, planning, and other activities
  • Textual & Graphical Presentation: provides textual and visual tools for facilitated infrastructure management and change tracking as well as enhanced visualization of network projects
Key benefits include:
  • A unified view of the outside plant infrastructure to accelerate the provisioning process and improve assurance
  • Centralized document management to provide field engineers with ready access to records and attachments
  • Tight integration of outside and inside plant physical data models to streamline provisioning and assurance processes

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Outside Plant

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