Resource Activation

NetCracker's Resource Activation ensures the right order of resource activation commands in multi-vendor, multi-technology environments and provides a transaction-based capability that ensures the timely roll-back and processing of order fallouts. Resource Activation provides enhanced capabilities that support the most current feature sets (e.g., E-LINE, E-LAN, MLPPP, etc.) for Cisco, Juniper, and other major equipment vendors. Its compliance with the MEF (Metro Ethernet Forum) standards ensures flow-through resource activation for all types of Ethernet virtual connections.

Resource Activation includes the following components:
  • Resource Models (such as router, node, port, channel, etc.): provide a vendor-neutral view of the equipment.
  • Equipment Models: provide a set of detailed models of technology- and vendor-specific devices (e.g., DSLAMs, Ethernet switches, OLT/ONT, routers, etc.) using resources from the Resource Models.
  • Network Adapters: enable CSPs to work with vendor-specific equipment, technologies, and protocols and provide the high level of scalability and extensibility required to rapidly deploy new equipment/technologies without causing interruptions.
Key benefits include:
  • Optimized infrastructure usage through increased network visibility
  • Improved customer experience through reduced fallout rates and shorter activation time
  • Increased operational efficiency through automation of all activation processes 
  • Reduced OpEx and time to revenue through minimization of costly manual interventions
  • Minimized time and cost associated with the integration of new equipment