Resource Inventory

Resource inventory management is widely accepted as the cornerstone of any service- and resource-related activities (such as fulfillment and assurance) and as a core component for any modern OSS. NetCracker’s Resource Inventory consolidates resource topology, configuration, status, connectivity, and assignment information in a centralized repository.

Handling all resource-related data in an accurate, integral way, Resource Inventory feeds this data to design and planning activities (supported by NetCracker’s Network Planning & Design), and service fulfillment (supported by NetCracker’s Service Fulfillment & Assurance) and serves as a consistent, accurate source of data for the entire B/OSS.

Resource Inventory includes the following coomponents:
  • Physical and Logical Inventory: provides modeling and management capabilities for both network and IT resources
  • Location & Number Management: provides tools for managing numbered and range-based resources as well as different locations — from rooms to regions
  • Visualization & Reporting: are based on Network Configurator and Reporting Engine respectively and provide extensive graphical functionality and reporting capabilities
Key benefits include:
  • Complete, up-to-date view of the entire network that greatly improves the efficiency of fulfillment and assurance processes and thereby improves customer satisfaction
  • Central repository of network infrastructure information used by all back-office systems that enables a high level of automation, which lowers operational costs
  • Effective and comprehensive visual reporting capabilities that provide insight into the network and enable the optimization of capital and operational expenses
  • A metadata approach that allows for hierarchical resource modeling

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Resource Inventory

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"NetCracker’s superior architecture and ability to integrate easily with other systems will allow Videotron to track accurately the deployment of our state-of-the-art network. The breadth and depth of NetCracker’s solution and technical expertise — and their proven track record in supporting advanced technologies — will allow us to deploy services and networks faster, with reduced cost and increased customer satisfaction."