Online Rating & Charging

NetCracker’s Online Rating & Charging enables Communications Service Providers to calculate and charge consolidated customer bills in multi-technology, multi-service, multi-vendor environments. It facilitates the delivery of personalized billing, provides partner settlement capabilities, and supports customer loyalty programs. Rating & Charging is pre-integrated with NetCracker’s Customer Management, Product Management, End-User Devices, and Service Fulfillment & Assurance to guarantee multi-layer data consistency and provide comprehensive support for complex service delivery scenarios.

Online Rating & Charging includes the following components:
  • Convergent Rating: allows complex, real-time rating based on multiple service schemes and customer accounts (including corporate and household hierarchies)
  • Charging Management: enables rule-based charge generation and supports the management of complex partnership schemes
  • Balance Management: enables real-time updates, modifications, and control of customer billing accounts, and enforces balance management policies for service availability management
  • Online Session Control: provides on-line call/session management based on funds reservation mechanism and helps sustain customer balance through flexible quotation
Key benefits include:
  • Streamlined service monetization and reduced time-to-cash
  • Support for service personalization and targeted offerings
  • Reduced integration costs
  • Reduced time-to-market for new offerings
  • Improved partner relations and facilitated partner settlements
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction through real-time service calculations
  • Ensured service flexibility and configurability
  • Carrier-grade performance with true convergent charging capabilities
  • Ability to build customer loyalty cost effectively