Service Information Management

NetCracker’s Service Information Management provides a quick and efficient way of viewing, accessing, and managing multi-technology, multi-vendor services and service components. Service Catalog — an integral part of Service Information Management — is pre-integrated with Product Catalog (included in NetCracker’s Product Information Management) and contains detailed descriptions of product-to-service and service-to-resource correlations and existing service descriptions.

Service Information Management includes the following components:
  • Service Catalog: allows Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to keep track of multi-vendor services and service offerings. It contains detailed descriptions of services and service components and provides information on product-to-service and service-to-resource correlations
  • Service Lifecycle Management: enables CSPs to track and manage changes in services and service components in a timely manner throughout their lifecycle and provides both current and historical views of services across all CSP business lines
  • Policy Management: provides a detailed picture of service-on-service dependencies and contains business rules that describe constraints on service configurations
Key benefits include:
  • Reduced time-to-market for new services
  • Delivery of personalized customer experience
  • Ability to foster partner relations and develop new business lines
  • Optimized integration costs for multi-technology services
  • Ability to facilitate service delivery and assurance
  • Streamlined service modeling
  • Ability to easily extend product portfolios through reusable and re-configurable service components
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Service Information Management

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