Service Inventory

NetCracker’s Service Inventory stores information about the configuration of all installed services, and thereby enables changes to be made to existing services without time-consuming reconfigurations. Service Inventory provides references to underlying resources and creates logical links between market offerings and network information. It also provides links between service instances and customer accounts. The Service Inventory design is entirely compliant with industry standards, such as TMF SID and 3GPP TISPAN.

Service Inventory includes the following components:
  • Service Instance Repository: provides detailed descriptions of instantiated services and their connections with particular customer orders, customer accounts, and underlying resources linked to the services and service components
  • Service Topology Visualization: provides a user-friendly view of instantiated service structures, defines how service components map to network resource infrastructure, and helps speed service modeling and facilitate assurance
  • Reporting & Analysis: provides comprehensive capabilities for analyzing and reporting on a Communications Service Provider’s network resources and capacity as well as the network’s readiness to provision and introduce new services
Key benefits include:
  • Improved efficiency of fulfillment and assurance processes
  • End-to-end views of customer-to-service-to-resource relations
  • Differentiated customer experience delivered through self-service reconfiguration capabilities
  • Reduced time-to-market through easy service reconfiguration capabilities
  • Reduced problem resolution times
  • Ability to foster service quality and performance management processes
  • Ability to analyze customer service usage and behavior
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