Service Problem Management

NetCracker’s Service Problem Management enables the quick identification of root causes of network problems, along with impact on services and customers by collecting, filtering, and processing network event reports such as network alarms, customer- and network-initiated trouble tickets, and maintenance notifications. Service Problem Management operates on top of NetCracker’s Business Activity Monitoring (part of NetCracker Framework) which provides a common, integrated platform for obtaining necessary information from multi-partner systems. In addition, it provides a graphically rich environment that enables Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to enhance productivity and facilitate integration.

Service Problem Management includes the following components:
  • Event Manager & Repository: stores and unifies data on CSP and partner network events and enables both manual and automated updates along with unlimited extension capabilities applicable to all event parameters including customer-generated events
  • Trouble Ticket Manager & Repository: stores and manages trouble tickets (TTs) with reference data on all network and IT domains and other related TTs.It sets categories and priority levels and allows both manual and automated updates along with unlimited extension capabilities applicable to all TT parameters.
  • Correlation Engine: provides core capabilities for near-real-time correlation of Trouble Tickets (TTs), performance degradation data, and other events with the root cause of problems that are affecting services and customers
  • Reporting & Analysis: provides comprehensive capabilities for reporting on and analysis of data related to network outages and affected services and customers
Key benefits include:
  • Reduced problem resolution times through automated correlation of trouble tickets and affected customers
  • Improved customer experience through proactive notification and problem resolution
  • Ability to foster SLA compliance through identification of real-time information about SLA breaches and violations
  • Increased productivity through rich, intuitive visualization capabilities
  • Optimized time and effort needed to collect information through easy integration with all existing data sources
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