Service Quality Management

The three-level modular architecture of NetCracker’s TOMS-based Service Quality Management (SQM) offering embodies a Resource-to-Service-to-Customer Layer structure as well as functional isolation. The latter makes it possible to make changes and upgrades on one layer without impacting the other two, and thus operational flow is never affected. In the service quality assurance process, the lower layers serve as a backbone for the higher ones, while allowing for a two-way interaction through independent or bidirectional interfaces. Enabling customer-centric (rather than network-centric) service problem resolution, NetCracker’s Service Quality Management allows Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to focus on front-burner issues and forecast the quality of service (QoS) delivered to the customer.

NetCracker Service Quality Management includes the following components:
  • KPI Inventory: collects and filters data from Performance, Fault Management, and Trouble Ticketing systems and groups them into logically isolated entities for further processing
  • SQM Core: stores, calculates, and aggregates quality-related data. It also manages performance degradation reports and triggers proper actions for performance problem resolution.
  • SLA Manager: compares stated service level objectives with actual KQI values and also provides extensive reporting and SLA assessment capabilities
Key benefits include:
  • Improved customer experience and reduced churn through proactive cross-domain SLA management and guaranteed high-quality service availability
  • Ability to forecast the QoS level for individual customers and prevent SLA violations through customer-centric service quality management
  • Reduced time-to-market and time-to-operation through compliance with industry standards and pre-integration with Product and Service Catalogs and Resource Inventory
  • Maximized operational efficiency through user-friendly GUI visualization capabilities
  • Reduced OpEx through the timely detection of SLA violations, automated customer-facing event prioritization, and a focus on the most important service delivery breaches
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Service Quality Management

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