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Service Order Management

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NetCracker's Service Order Management enables Communications Service Providers to automate provisioning of multi-vendor, next-generation products and services. It provides functionality for service order decomposition, streamlines the execution of the order provisioning flow, and facilitates service order lifecycle management.

As part of Service Fulfillment & Assurance, Service Order Management is seamlessly pre-integrated with NetCracker’s Service Inventory, Service Information Management, and Service Activation and ensures automated service configuration and flow-through provisioning.

Service Order Management includes the following components:
  • Order Decomposition: enables product order parsing into underlying service orders based on product-to-service associations and CSP-specific business rules
  • Service Design: allows CFS and RFS specifications to be instantiated based on actual resource data and application of the corresponding business rules
  • Order Orchestration: enables dynamic, real-time, data-driven task management of dependencies between all tasks in the main flow and sub flows of multi-vendor service fulfillment processes
Key benefits include:
  • Streamlined and automated cross-domain order provisioning
  • Improved customer experience through shorter service delivery times
  • Reduced time-to-market for new services through unified business logic and service provisioning mechanisms
  • Reduced order fallouts through end-to-end order lifecycle management and data transparency
  • Increased revenues through high-quality delivery of personalized product offerings
  • Enhanced partner relations through centralized, multi-vendor service provisioning
  • Minimized integration and operational costs and higher process efficiency

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Service Order Management

"NetCracker has had the most remarkable growth in this segment [Service Fulfillment] over the past few years with high profile transformation projects with France Telecom, Russia's MTS, Sprint and TELUS."

Analysys Mason
Service Fulfillment Market Review

“NetCracker’s solution lets us know which customers are impacted by network failures and proactively manage their Service Level Agreements. NetCracker’s ability to provide end-to-end correlation between customers, their services, and the network elements they use allows us to offer high quality, SLA-based services to our business customers.”