4G Monetization

Business Challenge

Whether or when service providers see a return on all the smart phone traffic on their networks hinges on a different set of 'smarts' in the back office. Service providers saddled with a legacy billing system may find it difficult to keep up with the increased market demands and transaction volumes associated with 4G.

The upsides of moving from 3G to 4G are numerous and include faster, more reliable data consumption for consumers and more opportunity for profitable revenue generation for service providers. To realize 4G's full potential and begin seeing a return on their extensive investments, service providers need back office systems that are just as robust, fast, flexible, and smart as the network.

Solution Benefits

The future-proof design of NetCracker’s 4G Monetization solution can not only help to take providers from 3G to 4G, but can also take them into the future of wireless standards and technology. NetCracker’s next-generation 4G billing and customer care solution enhances the ability of service providers to monetize their high-speed voice and data networks.

The advantages of implementing NetCracker’s 4G Monetization solution include:

  • High scalability
  • Shorter time-to-market
  • Reduced costs
  • Superior customer experience
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