Enterprise Billing

Enterprise customers represent a significant growth area for telecoms operators. Yet many operators are not realizing the full revenue potential of this sector due to inadequate enterprise BSS and billing systems.

Business Challenge

According to NetCracker’s research, more than 50 percent of enterprise decision makers say that "accurate billing that is easy to understand" is their most important consideration when partnering with a service provider. Yet only 36 percent of enterprise decision makers say their service provider effectively delivers accurate enterprise billing. And just 37 percent say their service provider can effectively bill for bundled services.

Solution Benefits

NetCracker’s Enterprise Billing solution presents a sophisticated and versatile billing and product lifecycle management solution that can help to solve these challenges by:

  • More closely meeting the organizational needs of both domestic and multinational enterprise customers
  • Enabling the rapid price changes, bonus schemes, and sophisticated hierarchy-based discounts required by enterprise customers
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Thought Leadership


Press Releases

"Unlike many of our competitors, we now offer the multi-national clients (MNC) market some of the best available tools for the holistic management of their communications usage, just when they need it most. Thanks to our work with NetCracker, we’ve been able take yet another step forward in our commitment to the continual enhancement of our value offering to our MNC customers."