Mobile Advertising

The latest technological advances and the appearance of new devices have altered the way people interact with their handsets. People customize their devices, letting personal preferences such as wallpaper, ringtones, etc., underline the “unique and essential” in them. Moreover, mobile devices have turned into multimedia hubs that provide an attractive virtual space for ubiquitous communication, multimedia content sharing, and multitasking. But what people are really looking for is a premium service with personalized treatment.

Business Challenge

In light of these trends, advertisers have discovered alternative ways to reach customers: mobile advergaming, SMS/i-mail, mobile chats, etc. While regular mass market advertising would likely be treated as “spam”, the perfect solution for mobile advertising is the one that enhances the ability to maximize and optimize customer outreach and turn an advertisement into a “friendly recommendation” based on personal preferences. In short, effectively handled mobile advertising transforms an “abstract information notice” into a personalized recommendation.

Solution Description

NetCracker’s Mobile Advertising Solution has been developed to bring forward the hidden potential of the advertising business.

The Mobile Advertising Solution changes the way advertising is delivered and utilizes extended targeting capabilities by using geography-based and personal, data-based information groupings. It allows merchants to deliver advertisements to customers at a time, place, or occasion that suits the customers’ preferences. End users not only receive discount/coupons or event information, but also receive inviting widgets that allow them to share content with friends and other people who might be interested in the goods and services being advertised.

Solution Benefits

The Mobile Advertising Solution enables providers to plan the delivery of mobile advertisements, create flexible user groups, and accurately calculate ROI.

Operator Benefits

The solution helps to strengthen the advertising business through the creation of revenue-yielding partnerships, the introduction of new services, and the optimization of customer information.

Advertiser Benefits

The Mobile Advertising Solution makes flexible user groups possible (e.g. by location, age, sex, etc.) and thus guarantees smarter targeting that enables the delivery of personalized advertisements.

Consumer Benefits

The Mobile Advertising Solution enables the delivery of real-time advertisements, including the latest discounts or coupons, and also provides extensive information sharing capabilities and click-to-call functions.

NetCracker, together with NEC, brings a unique perspective to address exciting new opportunities in all industries looking to leverage the power of ubiquitous connectivity, real-time transactions, and compelling customer experience. Leveraging NEC’s strengths in network and IT along with NetCracker’s deep expertise in the management and monetization of infrastructure, services, and applications, our solutions bring together the best of software, services, and platforms to create the most comprehensive, end-to-end portfolio in the industry.

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