Mobile Payment

Extremely high rates of mobile phone adoption exist around the world, and offering conveniences such as mobile payment is a natural progression for the mobile phone industry. Because there are many more mobile subscribers than Internet users, mobile payments can give a wider reach to retail product and services sellers, open up new partnership opportunities to Communications Service Providers (CSPs), and provide a rich shopping experience to end users.

Business Challenge

While a great variety of payment modes and channels have become ubiquitous, advanced mobile payment services that can provide high value to end users face low adoption rates due to a lack of security and concerns that banks have regarding back-end integration. In light of this, the industry urgently needs an innovative, end-to-end secure mobile payment solution that can fill the mobile commerce gap and exploit new opportunities.

Solution Description

The Mobile Payment Solution enables CSPs to manage multi-channel interactions and offer customers convenient, easy-to-use, highly secure payment services.

The solution provides risk and revenue management, comprehensive customer care, real-time credit card processing, secure transaction execution, exchange, and reconciliation, as well as timely and accurate accounting and reporting.

It guarantees end users peace of mind in terms of security by protecting the authenticity and integrity of all payment transactions. The solution ensures a secure exchange process for SMS and GPRS/3G for payment transactions through mobile devices by automatically shielding the customer’s account and credit card details from the merchant.

The solution also provides advanced reporting and self-service capabilities that allow end users to easily navigate portals and enjoy a personalized and targeted shopping experience.

Solution Benefits

The Mobile Payment Solution offers exciting capabilities for service providers who want to benefit from today’s ubiquitous ecommerce environment. Its sophisticated and advanced capabilities enable remote, cashless payments. 

CSP Benefits

  • Improve service offerings and competitive advantages
  • Ensure timely payments
  • Support remote sales and marketing activities
  • Dramatically increase revenue and cash intake

Retail Seller Benefits

  • Ensure on-time payments
  • Significantly reduce credit card fraud
  • Drastically decrease collection risks associated with cash

End-User Benefits

  • Offer a pay-as-you-go model for convenient shopping anywhere, anytime through wireless Internet-enabled devices
  • Provide advanced payment security
  • Simplify payment procedures through intuitive menus
  • Enrich the customer experience with personalized icon and payment/collection screens

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