Wholesale Billing

Business Challenge

While demand for wireless services, data, streaming content, distribution, and broadband continues to grow, operator revenues from network and wholesale customers are under pressure. Wholesale providers face two key challenges:

  • To cost-effectively rate and bill the growing number of transactions that are carried across their networks
  • To monetize their network assets by enhancing the services and support required by today’s increasingly complex and demanding wholesale customers
Solution Description

Many operators simply do not have sufficiently flexible BSS to meet these two key challenges. By upgrading to NetCracker’s smart, convergent Wholesale Billing solution, one that integrates easily with existing systems without the cost and risk of a ‘rip and replacement’ deployment, operators can derive a number of valuable benefits:

  • Scalability: NetCracker’s solution scales to handle the growing volumes of products and transactions that wholesale operators need to handle.
  • Charging convergence: It provides centralized charging, both online and offline, for any service, network, event, or subscription-based charge or payment method with network-grade performance.
  • Flexibility: The Wholesale Billing solution provides the ability to handle a diverse range of products, services, and transaction-types.
  • Customer-specific pricing: The solution enables wholesale operators to offer negotiated price structures and volume discounts to each client.

NetCracker has a proven track record of supporting many of the world’s leading wholesale providers.

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