Churn & Loyalty

Today’s customers are more informed, have a larger variety of choices, and are more predisposed to churn than ever before. How then can operators satisfy and retain high-value customers? Offering the latest must-have handset and a range of bundled offers helps, but the fundamental challenge is to understand customer behavior and motivation, and efficiently segment offers accordingly.

Business Challenge

This is where many legacy billing and BSS fall down. The issue is not simply that they take too long to launch new services and bundles, but that the offers and bundles themselves are not specifically created for, and targeted at, high-value customers.

A convergent billing and BSS is needed to provide the single view of customer accounts that operators need in order to properly segment, tailor, and target promotions. This can be further enhanced by the use of systems that can generate actionable customer intelligence from real-time data.

Solution Description

NetCracker’s BSS offering — including business intelligence, analytics and decisioning, and revenue management — helps operators pursue a more proactive approach to customer retention and loyalty. Care agents can use real-time decision-making tools to better serve the customer and, in cases where customers wish to terminate a contract, to take steps to persuade them to stay.

NetCracker has extensive experience helping organizations reduce churn and enhance customer loyalty.

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Press Releases

"We are impressed by the comprehensive and highly configurable functions and features in NetCracker’s solution, which helped us in rapid implementation of the software. The rich set of application program interfaces helps the software to integrate well with SmarTone’s operation environment. The ease of integration has enabled SmarTone to quickly bring our service offerings to the market. In addition, the billing and rating flexibility of NetCracker’ solution enables SmarTone to creatively offer a suite of differentiated data and multimedia service."