Solution Description

NetCracker CRM is a new breed of best-in-class CRM product that delivers proactive customer-centric service and marketing and powerful sales management with next-generation shopping and ordering through a unique, industry-dedicated CRM that redefines price-to-value for global communications and utilities businesses compared to other generalized CRM offerings.

NetCracker CRM is pre-integrated with NetCracker’s Online Rating & Charging offering and industry pre-configured to improve billing and CRM business processes, customer relationship marketing, and time-to-market for new revenue-generating services. NetCracker CRM provides a modular business CRM system that optimizes the entire customer experience, across all touch points, transforming service into sales.

Solution Benefits

Key benefits include:

  • Proactive customer-centric service and marketing: Transforms customer service into a strategic asset. With an advanced customer relationship management system that provides a 360 degree view of the customer, agents can resolve issues quickly and reduce handling times. In addition, specialized automating processes help to ensure that consistent customer service and marketing is delivered across all touch points.
  • Powerful sales management with next-generation shopping and ordering:NetCracker CRM streamlines and automates sales business processes, providing a single view of the customer to help deliver a shorter sales cycle and higher close rates, combined with shopping and order capture processes to drive consistent success across all sales and service channels, transforming agents into power sellers.
  • Industry-dedicated CRM that redefines price-to-value: NetCracker CRM is a flexible, easy-to-use customer relationship management system that improves customer lifecycle management and is engineered to fit communications and utilities businesses. Out-of-the-box NetCracker CRM significantly reduces the cost and ongoing effort communications and utilities service providers typically experience with business CRM software — specifically in the areas of CRM implementation, licensing, integration, support/maintenance, testing, and upgrades.
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