Intelligent Analytics

Different market sectors, including telecommunications, banking, utilities, healthcare, and governmental organizations, increasingly value the way analytics can help them make more informed decisions. Because analytics are applicable enterprise wide, they can respond to an array of essential questions, such as “Do we understand the revenue and cost drivers and their impact on the bottom line?”, “What are the key performance indicators and measures?”, “What do our customers want?”, and many others.

Business Challenge

The competitive, dynamic marketplace is forcing enterprises to continually optimize their business and operational processes; enterprises, however, are finding it challenging to analyze increased volumes of data in a timely manner in order to obtain insights that will help them achieve a competitive edge and maximum ROI. In other words, companies are struggling to make decisions that are both smart and fast. To remedy this, they are looking for reliable means of collecting and analyzing critical information.

Solution Description

Intelligent Analytics offers comprehensive capabilities for business intelligence and performance management to help enterprises achieve competitive advantage by managing results, not numbers.

The solution covers the following functional areas:

  • Reporting and Analytics helps organizations evaluate and track performance as well as analyze critical business metrics for compliance and control. Reporting and Analytics includes the following capabilities:
    • Reporting and querying to view, assemble, and analyze business and operational processes
    • Interactive dashboards and scorecards to connect organizational and operational results to strategic objectives and continuously monitor performance of key business processes
    • Predictive analytics to uncover unexpected patterns and associations and develop models to guide frontline interactions
    • Data mining and statistical analysis to discover patterns and trends in data and to easily access numeric, tabular data from a variety of sources
  • Churn and Loyalty Management helps obtain quantitative measures of customer habits and build strategic planning of relationship-impacting areas by analyzing marketing campaign results, service delivery metrics, etc.
  • Financial Performance Management enables organizations to link financial and operational plans through driver-based models, ensure timely close and consolidation, guarantee the quality and accuracy of financial numbers for sustainable compliance, track performance against strategic objectives, create flexible rolling forecasts, and monitor risk and compliance.
Solution Benefits

Key benefits include:

  • Comprehensive view of the organization’s performance to improve business flexibility and agility
  • Easy access to reliable data, trend visualization, and analysis of predictive models to optimize performance across the organization
  • Effective reporting, analytics, and forecasting capabilities to improve customer experience, drive ARPU, and reduce operational costs
Industry Benefits

NetCracker’s Intelligent Analytics solution provides the following benefits in a variety of industry and business verticals:

  • Telecom: enables CSPs to process a high volume of data in product usage, billing and charging, service quality, network performance, marketing and sales, and customer support domains and convert it into meaningful analytics that enable them to maximize ARPU, prevent customer churn, and optimize costs
  • Healthcare: helps streamline business processes, improve quality of care, lower costs, and enable rapid responses to regulatory changes
  • Government: helps improve transparency and quality of service, reduce costs, streamline operations, and facilitate the sharing of information across agencies
  • Financial services: enables companies to address challenges brought on by convergence, consolidation, compliance, cost cutting, etc.
  • Retail: helps companies make informed decisions more rapidly
  • Insurance: helps companies adjust to changing market demands with greater speed and effectively meet compliance requirements
  • Utilities: helps keep up-to-date customer data in back-end systems, personalize customer interactions, decrease costs, and efficiently use IT and infrastructure investments

NetCracker, together with NEC, brings a unique perspective to address exciting new opportunities in all industries looking to leverage the power of ubiquitous connectivity, real-time transactions, and compelling customer experience. Leveraging NEC’s strengths in network and IT along with NetCracker’s deep expertise in the management and monetization of infrastructure, services, and applications, our solutions bring together the best of software, services, and platforms to create the most comprehensive, end-to-end portfolio in the industry.

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