Mobile Self-Care

Solution Description

The Mobile Self-Care solution is the communication industry’s first end-to-end, mobile self-care solution, providing a self-service app pre-integrated with NetCracker Online Rating & Charging. Mobile operators now have a vital competitive asset that can be put to work immediately to reduce costs and improve business results while meeting the self-care needs of customers.

More than just an app, Mobile Self-Care is a true solution. Aside from the app itself, the mobile services layer provides the lightweight, mobile-ready integration that an app needs for high performance, at the same time that it abstracts the billing system from direct access by the millions of devices that need to retrieve its data. The mobile services layer also allows for integration to other systems and services.

Key features include:
  • Comprehensive market coverage
  • Modular freedom
  • Secure and stable
  • Easy deployment and flexibility
  • Integration with social media
Solution Benefits
  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, reducing churn
  • “Stickier” relationships that extend the lifetime of valued customers
  • New revenue through the integration of care with social media
  • Higher operational savings on care
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