Product & Offering Management

Rapidly changing customer preferences combined with the need to continuously introduce innovative, profitable new services  and quickly retire unprofitable or lapsed offers has caused Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to strengthen their ability to define, launch, optimize, and retire products and services. CSP product innovation and pricing strategies must also factor in what is feasible in terms of available network and service infrastructure, and determine how best to package an offering within the constraints of bandwidth and connectivity. Finally, in the complex world of converged services, CSPs must be able to ensure that network-based and application-based services work together seamlessly to form a complete and viable end-user product offering.

Business Challenge

Developing a successful product strategy is a complex undertaking. Providers must be capable of:

  • Developing new products quickly and keeping costs under control through all lifecycle stages
  • Supporting partner offerings as well as their own through a unified product catalog that cuts across all business lines
  • Providing valuable support for each person involved in the product lifecycle
  • Recognizing the most valuable customers and developing an attractive, personalized offering model for each customer group through next-generation, high-profit products 
Solution Description

NetCracker’s Product & Offering Management solution enables CSPs to:

  • Create and manage a product portfolio that includes next-generation VAS products and organize fast product launches
  • Manage a unified, centralized product catalog that integrates partner offerings
  • Provide 360 degree support throughout the product lifecycle, including support for versioning of specifications
  • Develop and monitor sales channels, including pipeline and revenue forecasts
  • Measure and improve product performance
Telecom Operations & Management Solutions (TOMS) Components

Product Information Management, Customer Order Management, Customer Self-Service, and Customer Information Management

Solution Benefits

The Product & Offering Management solution enables CSPs to:

  • Decrease end-to-end sales cycle times
  • Increase the number of successful products and decrease time-to-market for each of them
  • Increase ARPU through strong customer loyalty, customer differentiation, and personalized offerings
  • Decrease OpEx through automation and the use of self-service channels
  • Lower TCO through rapid, simple deployment and maintenance
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