Social Decisioning

Business Challenge

With the popularity of social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube growing by leaps and bounds, it is impossible to ignore the impact this channel can have on customer relationships and business success.

Solution Description

NetCracker has the technology and experience to help organizations reduce churn and enhance customer loyalty within this new service channel.

To take the insights gathered from social media listening activities to the next level, our Social Decisioning solution provides intelligent, personalized, and recommended actions, dynamically routed, and based on company-specific business policies and rules. For example, if a company receives 25,000 keyword results, this does not equate to 25,000 service requests. The Social Decisioning solution prioritizes these results and enables users to easily see which issues are actionable — that is, which should be elevated to a live agent based on customer sentiment, influence, lifetime value, and other key factors — and which social media interactions can safely be ignored.

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