Unified Communication

The convergence of voice, data, and video has created new revenue opportunities for service providers. This convergence of services has also brought into sharp focus the need for converged platforms to deliver the unified, seamless communications services.

Business Challenge

The trend towards distributed, multi-device communications, while eliminating distance and time barriers, is forcing enterprises to invest additional capital and effort into the integration of various communication platforms. As a consequence, enterprises are looking for cost-effective, comprehensive, easy-to-use collaborative solutions anywhere and at any time. The creation of  unified communication platforms is the perfect way to increase productivity, facilitate decision making, and reduce communication response times.

Solution Description

The Unified Communication solution redefines the way that businesses communicate and collaborate — truly empowering the workforce to become more productive and more flexible.

The solution provides a rich user environment across various devices:

  • Support of multiple platforms with Rich Internet Application (RIA) technology
  • Consistent user experience across different devices

The solution is perfectly suited to data center and cloud environments:

  • Virtualization ready — VMware®, Microsoft® Hyper -V
  • XML/Java application service

The solution integrates with business applications:

  • SOA- and CEBP-capable (Communication Enabled Business Process)
  • SOAP/XML-based Web service
  • SDK with WSDLs for call control

The solution supports Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies:

  • Virtualized client and HTTPS secure access
  • On-demand/Instant Meeting initiation from IM (Instant Messaging), active calls, and contact lists

The solution integrates easily with existing systems:

  • Standards-based SIP interface
  • Scalable media session management
Solution Benefits
Executive Benefits
  • Investment protection through the implementation of a common, extendable software platform across different parts of an organization
  • Streamlined operations through the ability to more cost effectively deliver a consistent collaboration experience resulting in productivity across the workforce
  • Enhanced workforce productivity and increased efficiency through the utilization of a cost-efficient, service-oriented framework for communications and collaboration
IT Business Benefits
  • Increased operational efficiency resulting from the solution being delivered virtualization-ready: secure software applications that are easy to install, manage, upgrade, and support in a standard IT environment
  • Quick and easy solution deployment through easy implementation across multiple locations and/or geographic regions, thus delivering a consistent and rich user experience across multiple modes of communication
  • Simple licensing and upgrades through the use of a single software application utilizing a single user license model and providing all the communication and collaboration functionality an organization needs
Employee Benefits
  • Improved day-to-day operations through the support of a nomadic work style that allows employees to easily connect and collaborate with colleagues and customers from any location, on virtually any device
  • Increased work efficiency through the integration of multiple media types and devices
  • Extensive customization capabilities that allow for easy solution deployment across multiple locations and/or geographic regions and thus ensure consistent, easy-to-access communication and collaboration

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