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Today’s Fortune 500 companies face a unique challenge: how to control the cost of network and IT infrastructure while empowering employees and offices with a range of new services and applications delivered to numerous end-user devices and across different networks. Over the next few years, the number of devices and services will grow exponentially, and enterprises will need to support them cost effectively. At the same time, business users are demanding the rapid roll out of quality, reliable services.

Providing services is becoming much more than just issuing a user with a device and registering it on the network. In effect, the IT departments of Fortune 500 companies are becoming service providers themselves and are learning to do many things that all service providers do: understanding what services customers need and how much they should cost, finding inexpensive ways to supply those services using existing infrastructure as efficiently as possible, and learning how to measure customer experience and increase customer satisfaction. The latest version of ITIL — ITILv3 — is squarely focused on this transition, with its introduction of a service catalog and emphasis on service management and service lifecycle.

Today’s CIO and CTO organizations are constantly being asked to deliver fixed and mobile connectivity and a range of on-demand business applications that enable employees to be more productive. To manage this complex environment, enterprises require solutions that bring together the diverse functionality of ITIL and CMDB and provide:

  • Scalability to accommodate the explosion of devices and applications
  • A structured way to describe available services, their costs, and SLAs
  • An end-to-end view of customer services and relevant underlying infrastructure
  • An understanding of the “why” of change management as well as the “how”
  • The ability for end users to order, provision, and monitor their own services
  • A flexible platform that can quickly add new services or change existing services

NetCracker’s powerful Enterprise solutions:

  • Enable companies to cut telecommunications costs and service delivery time by providing a single database of record for all network and IT asset information including telecommunications equipment, circuits, servers, applications, and IP addresses
  • Reduce the cost of provisioning services by enabling employees to self-provision via a corporate portal, using the centralized ITILv3 Service Catalog
  • Reduce the cost of erroneous service provider invoices by allowing companies to import carrier invoices for billing reconciliation
  • Provide an efficient means of performing departmental chargebacks
  • Reduce the cost of troubleshooting network problems by managing service outages efficiently

This functionality and much more — including infrastructure planning and design, full lifecycle management, financial management, and sophisticated reporting — is available via an intuitive, 100 percent web-based user interface.

NetCracker has vast experience managing Tier 1 service provider networks and the complex IT infrastructures of large enterprises. This has enabled the company to manage network and IT worlds from a single platform. Our carrier-grade platform can be expanded quickly to manage additional data, rules, and processes and provide flexibility, scalability, and robustness that are not available in conventional CMDBs.

NetCracker’s platform bridges the network (eTOM) and IT (ITIL) domains seamlessly, models IT infrastructure, and centralizes service inventory to automate service provisioning and correlate services with underlying resources. Delivering scalability, reliability, and high performance, and managing the complexity of service provider networks enables NetCracker to support next-generation networks and services — merging the power of network and IT.

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"NetCracker combines creative solutions and an innovative delivery blueprint to support the complex communications needs of our multinational clients. NetCracker has both the advanced real-time integrated solutions and the talented team in place to allow Telefónica Multinational Solutions to keep delivering their services under the highest quality standards."