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Music. Gaming. Real-time video. Email. Texting. Over the last 10 to 15 years, the mobile phone has evolved from a brick-sized device used for voice services into an essential communications and entertainment tool for business and consumer users. Today’s mobile services are opening the door for mobile operators to move up the value chain and capture more wallet share from customers.

However, sophisticated services have created network and operational complexity. Mobile operators are unique in that they introduce new networks faster than any other segment in the communications industry. In just 20 years, they have advanced from analog to 3G and 4G networks — effectively introducing a higher level of performance and capacity every five to seven years.

To take advantage of these new opportunities, mobile operators must transform their BSS/OSS to handle increasingly sophisticated and diverse services and devices. Transformation projects are complex, but the rewards are substantial — increased revenues, reduced operations costs, and higher customer retention.

NetCracker Technology enables mobile operators to deliver rapidly and manage effectively next-generation, converged services. NetCracker is the global leader in managing and delivering transformation projects for mobile, fixed, and cable service providers. It has the largest number of Tier 1 transformation deployments worldwide — including successful implementations at France Telecom group, Sprint, MTS, UMC, and Bité. Leveraging the knowledge gained from these high-profile deployments makes NetCracker a valuable partner in service provider initiatives.

NetCracker delivers value to mobile operators by combining its innovative fulfillment, provisioning, and service management products with a solutions approach. NetCracker leverages its best practices and domain expertise to build automated and reusable service components, creating an end-to-end capability for fulfillment and service management.

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"Efficiencies, differentiation in the market place, and long term partnership viability are the key aspects to our BSS/OSS platform decision. We felt through our evaluation process that we had the best relationship fit with NetCracker."