Mobile Virtual Network Operator Solutions

As the mobile industry continues to mature, service providers recognize that future growth will depend on the pursuit of new markets. The Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) model is such an opportunity.

Market deregulation, consumer demand for low-cost mobile services, the desire of companies to leverage their brands to enter the mobile arena, and the ability of these companies to offer niche-specific services through proven, cost-effective services are enticing companies to investigate the MVNO model as an opportunity to generate new revenue streams.

To fully exploit this business, both MVNOs and mobile network operators (MNOs) — who provide much of the infrastructure and support systems — need to partner and have a clear strategy for market entry as well as a robust business model that delivers clear benefits for both parties. MVNOs look to MNOs to provide the wireless business, operational, and billing expertise, as well as the necessary spectrum and infrastructure for ultimate service fulfillment and assurance.

Realizing the MVNO opportunity requires not only an understanding of the market and strategic plan, but also the ability to execute the plan. NetCracker has the experience, knowledge, and solutions to help MVNOs and MNOs develop the most appropriate model and bring it to market quickly and cost effectively.

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