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Today’s utilities need to innovate like never before, and this requires a Customer Information System (CIS) that’s built to adapt and evolve. NetCracker’s Utility solutions are the answer with powerful meter-to-cash functionality that:

  • Supports real-time, two-way transactions at ever-growing data volumes
  • Provides complex rating across Commercial & Industrial (C&I) customer bases as well as Residential customer bases
  • Delivers personalized customer care for anytime, anywhere, any channel interactions
  • Configures complex products in days instead of months

Modular applications and open architecture ensure that customers add only the capabilities they need to their utility CIS. With NetCracker’s Utility solutions, customers can address acute challenges now and evolve their utility system to meet future requirements, thus extending their utility CIS investment.
NetCracker’s Utility solutions deliver:

  • A customer care and billing system that co-exists with existing systems, protecting and extending the customer’s legacy investment
  • Patented extensibility to tailor system capabilities without impacting core code
  • Java standardization and open APIs that enable utility customers to orient processes and systems around their customers
  • A licensed or hosted delivery model that is the “right-fit” for each customer’s needs and budget

NetCracker is a global thought leader that has spent the last 25 years assisting multinational companies with network transformations. As a world-class managed services provider, we have delivered many innovations including pioneering real-time, event-agnostic rating and billing as well as delivery of the first electric vehicle charging station billing solution. With more than 150 clients, 500 million end customers, and software that processes over 1 billion events per day, utilities can rely on NetCracker.

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"RTE is undertaking a major transformation to next-generation systems and infrastructure to increase the guarantee of reliability of the French power system. NetCracker’s highly integrated and feature-rich TOMS solution will enable us to consolidate and automate multiple technologies, increase the efficiency of our business operations — and looking to the future — plan and execute strategic expansions."