Wireless Broadband

The promise of wireless broadband brings new opportunities and challenges. The next generation of mobile infrastructure involving Femtocells, WiMAX, and LTE will be the foundation for delivering innovative services such as live broadcasts, rich media content, and multimedia gaming. It offers unprecedented opportunities to enter new markets, offer a diversity of services, and cost effectively meet the bandwidth and quality needs of mass market and business customers.

Business Challenge

With these new opportunities come the challenges of rolling out new infrastructure in the most cost-effective manner, operationalizing it quickly, and managing it optimally. These challenges can only be met when the hardware component of the infrastructure comes well-integrated with the Operations Support System (OSS) software for service management.

Solution Description

NetCracker’s Wireless Broadband solution, which draws on NetCracker and NEC expertise, is designed to deliver this key benefit to mobile operators. It brings about rapid monetization of the infrastructure (whether network or IT) by enabling rapid provisioning and deployment of value-added services. NetCracker’s lengthy experience enabling mobile operators to maximize their return on investment, combined with NEC’s cutting-edge Femtocell, WiMAX, and LTE innovations, ensures that wireless broadband can become a foundation for growth for service providers around the world.

NetCracker and NEC have a successful track record of deploying proven, next-generation OSS at Tier 1 operators worldwide. Our Wireless Broadband Solution merges the domain expertise of the two companies and enables mobile operators to rapidly plan, design, and roll out Femtocell, WiMAX, and LTE. The solution also enables operators to cost-effectively operationalize, optimize, and manage networks from end-to-end, manage a seamless transition to 4G, and introduce new services cost effectively. Finally, it enables operators to save on CapEx and OpEx by managing network and IT domains from a single platform.

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Press Releases

"The breadth and depth of NetCracker’s solution and technical expertise will take our operations to an advanced level, one consistent with our 3G and future network deployments. We will now be able to deploy the innovative, high-quality, personalized services our customers demand with reduced cost and faster time-to-market."